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For the cleaning and disinfection of dental suction systems


  • Optimal and low-foaming cleaning: synergy between surfactant and antifoaming agent for a secure use of the product. 
  • De-scaling agent of vegetable origin derived from lemon. 
  • 100% Naturalcitrus fruit fragrance.
  • Active against Streptococcus mutans, one of the bacterium responsible for caries.
  • Preventive action against layer of scale.

Use : 0.5%, contact time: 15 minutes.

Antimicrobial activity : bactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal (active on Herpes virus and Hepatitis B).

Packaging : 1L, 5L

Medical device class IIa CE 0459. Read the technical notice and the product label before use. Hazardous product : observe the conditions of use.

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